VHS motor


Seoca VHS vertical hollow-shaft motors are three phase squirrel cage induction motors
specially for driving vertical deep-well turbine pumps.
The motors are of high efficiency, high starting torque, quiet-running, low vibration, low
temperature rise, can sustain heavy axial thrust load, have compact and reliable sturcture with
easy maintenance etc. The rated output grades conform to the IEC standard.
After being fitted with vertical pumps, the motors are widely used in pumping underground
water in mines, city farm and factories etc. The degree of protedion is weather-protected type1
(drip-proof) or IP44 (totally enclosed).
The motors are designed according to NEMA Standard, CE Standard an UL Standard. For
standard efficiency and high efficiency motor , UL standard and certify available on request.

IEC standard

Seoca VHS vertical hollow-shaft motor, output grades confirm
to the IEC standard, and the degree of protection is weatherprotected
type 1 (drip-proof), specially for driving vertical deepwell
turbine pumps. The motor can sustain heavy axial thrust load,
high starting torque, quiet-running. The motors are widely used in
pumping underground water in mines, city, farm and factories, etc.
More different applications, such as rated voltage below 600v,
frequency of 60Hz, class of insulation either B or F are available
upon request. Other special purpose motors, please contact us

High Thrust , Etandard Efficiency

Seoca VHS motor are vertical hollow-shaft induction motor
design for driving vertical deep-well turbine pumps.
The motor are reliable and design for non-reverse, adopting
weather-protected type 1. The rated voltage is 460V 60Hz and
380/660V available on request. To ensure long operating duration
and low maintenance of the bearings, the motor equip with oilimmersed
bearing lubricating. This also helps cooling and
lubrication. Our motor is featured as high efficiency, large starting
torque, smooth and quiet running and low vibration.
Our motor meet the international advanced NEMA standard.
Matched with deep-well type pumps, the application is widely
used in pumping from city, factory and so forth.


High Thrust, Premium Efficiency

Seoca high efficiency driven motor has fully met the United States
NEMA EPACT. This new series has large power-saving effect
compared with the standard one.
Featured with high starting torque, large overload, low
temperature rise, slight vibration and easy for maintenance and more
valuable features, this motor is widely used for both industrial and
domestic water supply including power plant, plant’s cooling systems
and high building’s fire water supply and more.
Furthermore, through R&D and customer feedback, we also
developed motor series to meet the special conditions, for example :
to use high altitude, high down thrust, variable-frequency motor with
10KV below. We can custom made the motor considering the
different voltage, frequency, insulation class and the damp-heat(TH).
Also, according to customer operating environment, we can add on
motor protection and temperature detecting as add on feature,
please contact us if you have any enquiry.



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