Vertical Turbine Fire Pumps

Vertical Turbine Pump

Vertical turbine fire pumps can be used in water supply levels that are under the pump suction.

The pumps don’t need priming as the impellers stay submerged in water at all times.

We supply complete vertical turbine pump set solutions:

Pumps with Hollow Shaft Motor (NEMA standard motor, UL motor, Premium efficiency motor available WP1 motor )
Pumpswith Gear Box

Be used in wide ranges of industrial purpose:

  • For Commercial, Industrial and in sea water applitcations
  • Special Materials for Seawater Applications


Custom Engineer Solution available upon request.

NFPA20, UL, EN12845,CCCF

Performance Ranges
UL : Q: 250-5000GPM   H:80-300PSI
CCCF: Q:15-300L/S     H:0.60-2.0Mpa
NFPA20: Q: 250-5000GPM   H:80-300PSI


Pump material:Discharge head, Column pipe, shaft, impeller, suction bell—SS2205, Seal—Gland packing ,Guide bearing—Thordon