Submersible vortex impeller pump

HV series vortex impeller pumps are suitable for municipal & industrial sewage water, its feature is
to have the strong capacity of anti block and intertwine.
Product range of use.

Sewage water with fibrous material
Municipal sewage water
Industrial sewage water
Domestic sewage water


Motor: the unique insulation design ensures the motor can still run normally if little water Is in the
chamber of motor. The optimal design of motor guarantees that the pump is able to start running
when the hydraulic parts is submerged by some mud and sands.
Motor submerged: continuous operation S1
Medium temperature: Up to 40℃

Hydraulic parts: processed with advanced CFD flow field diagnose technology, it has many merits
like high efficiency, no block and anti-corrosion etc.

Sealing design: To meet the requirement of deep sub-immersion, we take many improvement
measures for pump sealing, unique sealing technique, which enable the product to be safer and
more reliable

Protection measures: leakage protection in oil chamber, motor overload protection

Material: pump casing, volute, impeller is GG20, mechanical seal is SiC, cable is rubber set soft
cable, duty voltage 450/750V, with PVC outer sheathed copper conductor

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