Submersible screw impeller pump

SPQ series submersible/dry screw pump are designed for economical and reliable pumping of
sewage water from commercial, communal and industrial sources. Mainly can be used in municipal
engineering, sewage treatment environmental protection engineering, industrial engineering,
hotel, hospital, civil air defense, mining and other industries, can be used for delivery of solid
particles and long fiber wastewater, wastewater, storm water and city living water, and even can be
used for in vivo delivery.
Used in conjunction with the automatic coupling system the below ground level wet installation is a
particularly economical solution which also does not damage the environment
The pump are also suitable for quick portable applications.

Construction Description:

Motor: the unique insulation design ensures the motor can still run normally if little water Is in the
chamber of motor. The optimal design of motor guarantees that the pump is able to start running
when the hydraulic parts is submerged by some mud and sands.
Motor submerged: continuous operation S1
Insulation grade: H, Medium temperature: Up to 40℃
Protect grade:IP68
NSK bearing
Hydraulic parts: processed with advanced CFD flow field diagnose technology, it has many merits
like high efficiency, no block and anti-corrosion etc. the impeller is adopted semi-open single or
double vane with cutter design, they have large flow channel to ensure that large solid can be
Sealing design: we take many improvement measures for pump sealing, adopt two double
mechanical seal design, which enable the product to be safer and more reliable
Protection measures: leakage protection in oil chamber, motor overload protection
Material: pump casing, volute is GG25, impeller is GGG60 (option SS304, Ss316)
mechanical seal is SiC/SiW( anti-winding function type ), 4kw or below is single
mechanical seal+lip seal, 4kw above is double mechanical seals
standard cable is 10m heavy rubber set soft cable,
duty voltage 450/750V, PVC outer sheathed copper conductor
Mounting type: Standard in vertical; horizontal or vertical try pit type on request

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