Submersible mix flow pump

Submersible mix flow pump available upone request.

Pumps are used for irrigation and drainage; for draining rainwater and mild sewage in municipal; in industry, used for process water, cooling water and raw water supplySuitable for transporting clear water or light sewage.

Product condition:

Motor rated voltage 380V, also can use 200 ~ 660V, 3KV, 6KV, 10KV and so on, rated frequency is 50Hz, working system is SI, insulation grade is F level.

The impeller is converted by the most advanced hydraulic model, and the performance is excellent, stable and mature. Three heavy machinery seal and double seal chamber patent technology.

Anti lift machine and anti reverse device.The bearings are made of rolling bearings, capable of withstanding all axial and radial loads, and are completely separated from the medium conveyed by the pump.Submersible pump is equipped with multi-channel protection device, which can lead the lead to the electric control box.