Split Case Electric Drive Fire Pump

Split case electric drive fire pump

Horizontal split case fire pumps are one of the most common types of fire pump in the world. These pumps are widely used in
fire service applications where reliability of performance is of vital importance.

Our Fire pump sets are available for electric motor, diesel engine. Every pump set is subjected to a thorough and detail inspection and a series of review and tests to ensure that it meets the customers specifications before sending to customers.

To be used in:
Fire-Fighting Engineering Company, airports
highway tunnel, five-star hotels, hospitals, supermarkets
office buildings, national grain storage, thermal power plants
shipyards, paper mills, subway stations, railway stations



Q:up to 10000m³/h

H:up to 230m


NFPA20 /  UL


Excellent performance and lifetime efficiency

  • Double volute and -suction design ensure premium operating efficiency and excellent flow performance
  • Most Advanced mechanical features, including accurate  alignment of suction and discharge, dynamically balanced impeller , protective bearing-removal mechanism, and removable upper-half casing for extended durability and easy maintenance
  • Pump design using industry common parts (e.g. standard packing gland)  cost-effective maintenance