Single phase canned motor in-line pump

UPD series of circulating pump researched and developed by scientific research personnel of our company has following merits : no leakage, low noise, environmental protection. It is designed special for heating system and it can be used to supply water and add pressure for mansions of city to match with industrial equipment, to supply water in cycle for cooling air-condition, boiler and solar energy etc.


  • Cooling water
  • Circulating water
  • Hot water
  • Boosting


  • Capacity: up to 30m3/h
  • Head: up to 35m
  • Temperature: up to 110C
  • Speed: n 2900rpm/3500rpm

Operation Data

  • Rated voltage of power supply is 220V and frequency is 50HZ single-phase AC.
  • Pressure of system <1.0MPA
  • Pressure of water inlet>0.1MPA
  • Transmitted liquid shouldn’t include solid impurity the volum of which ratio exceeds 0.1% or the size of which is more than 0.2mm.


  • Pump casing can be made of cast iron or brass, impeller made of plastic.


  • Canned motor driven design, no leakage, low noise. Pump can be running at three different speed.