Self-priming pump without seal


  • Sewage discharge from municipal works, pumping stations, etc
  • The sewage in steel plants, sewage treatment plants, etc
  • The discharge and treatment of silt, waste water, urban sewage


  • Adopt the optimized design of “pump with a series of multifaceted centrifugal power seal remove the packing seal and mechanical seal of the traditional water pump, Avoid “run, risk, drop, leak”.
  • Self-imbibition is stable and reliable, especially the use of electric air control valve,

Truly realized “once drainage, lifelong self-imbibition”.

  • Easy to install, small power pump does not need anchor bolt fixed, small vibration, low noise, flexible movement, easy disassembly.

Performance Parameters:

  • Maximum flow : 1300m3/h
  • Maximum head : 125m
  • Self suction head : 2.5m-5m
  • Suction: DN50-350 Discharge : DN40-300