Hydraulic submersible pump

The new hydraulic power unit offers a transformative design capable of operating multiple tools at the same time. This will increase the productivity and versatility like never before. The benefits of this hydraulic drive are not limited to power supply, lighter weight,higher mobility, user-friendliness and easier to assemble. All these features will save you abundance of time and resources.

This Hydraulic drive is safe and reliable, while it is not limited by any power supply.


Flooding control

Construction dewatering

Transfer water without electricity

This product proudly features light weight, high mobility and with a large flow at 400 m3 / h and 10 meters head.


High efficiency centrifugal wind wheel

Drive the pumps without electricity supply from outside

Easy to move around and light weight

Submersible Pump Model

SYQ6006 : Capacity 600m3/h @ 6m

SYQ4010: Capacity 400m3/h@ 10m

Slurry Pump Model

SY530Z : 48m3/h @ 30m

SY1025Z: 100m3/h @ 25m

SY2016Z : 200m3/h @ 16m


  • Flood Emergency Control
  • Construction dewatering
  • Water transferring


  • High efficiency centrifugal wind wheel:
  • Low power consumption
  • Strong heat dissipating capacity
  • Stable operation at high temperature for a long time.

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