Gasoline water pump SWP40


  • Heavy duty-full frame protection
  • Consistent dependable starting
  • Low noise and vibration
  • Engines yield a greater volumetric efficiency
  • Accessory Service Available

Technical parameters

Engine model SPW270
Displacement 270 cc
Bore×Stroke 77mm×58mm
Compression ratio 8.2∶1
Net power 5.2 kW/3600rpm
Rated speed 3600r/min
Oil capacity 1.1 L
Fuel tank capacity 6.0 L
Pump type Centrifugal, self priming
Inlet diameter 100 mm
Outlet diameter 100 mm
Max suction 7 m
Max lift 25 m
Maximum Discharge Flow 80m3/hr
Dimension 615×445×520
Net weight 48kg

Optional configuration

1. Available choices of 1~4” clean water pump ( Including self-priming pump and centrifugal pump), or 3” sewage pump
2. Available choices of gasoline engine power or diesel engine power
3. Available choices of pump gasoline engine power configuration
4. Available choices of s variety of frame styles
5. Available choices of hoops: General hoop or steel belt hoop.
6. Available choices of pipe thread for some of the products: UK-made or USA-made pipe thread