Enhance Your Fluid Circulation System with SEOCA’s High-Efficiency Pumps

SEOCA’s highly efficient circulation pumps present a multitude of benefits, ranging from energy efficiency and environmental sustainability to cost-effectiveness and superior system performance. These pumps are indispensable components of fluid circulation systems.

Installation and startup are a breeze – the electric pump seamlessly starts with power, requiring no adjustments. It effortlessly adapts to the actual needs of the system. The external PWM control function enables precise motor speed control, catering to diverse flow requirements within the system.

Experience tranquility with low noise and heightened comfort; the electric pump operates at a remarkably low noise level of just 42dB(A). Moreover, it boasts European energy efficiency Class A certification, with minimal energy consumption as low as 5W.

Ensure longevity and safety with multiple protective features. The electric pump is equipped with overvoltage and overcurrent protection, mitigating the risk of burning during use. Compliant with the latest ERP2015 standards, it achieves an impressive EEI≤0.20-Part 2.6 rating. The power quick plug connector facilitates swift start and stop functionality.

Step into the future with SEOCA – a pioneer in energy-saving and green technology. Opt for SEOCA’s highly efficient pumps for a sustainable environment and a healthy bottom line.

Consider the wise decision – we invite you to explore the realm of SEOCA’s exceptionally efficient pumps!

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