CD4MCu Stainless Steel for Corrosive and Abrasive Applications

There is a wide selection of stainless steel used for a variety of industries – mining, manufacturing, chemical, oil and gas, and even food processing. Each of them uses different types of pumps to make their services done efficiently. There are lots of pump models designated to serve specific functions – but one thing companies look in common – these pumps should be the highest quality and made with the highest-grade steel.

Among all pumps, their stainless material differs with abrasive and corrosive resistance and is characterized individually with its hardness and quality.

From the variety of steels out today, CD4MCu Stainless Steel stands out among other types – being a high-grade duplex stainless steel fit for industrial works. No doubt, lots of companies and industries consider CD4MCu Stainless Steel as the primary material for their industrial pumping systems.

CD4MCu Stainless Steel for Abrasion  and Corrosion

There are lots of steel being used by pump manufacturers, but the experts would agree that the best steel for this is the CD4MCu.

CD4MCu Stainless Steel is a Fe-Cr-Ni-Cu-Mo alloy that is proven to have the properties of strength, hardness, ductility, and superior resistance.

One important feature of CD4MCu Stainless Steel is its ability to handle abrasive and corrosive liquids. For all pumping systems, it is essential to keep this property on top of their standards. In fact, the grade of this CD4MCu steel is equal to the combined corrosion resistance of a 300 series stainless steel with the hardness and strength a 400 series steel has.

CD4MCu Stainless Steel for Abrasive Applications

CD4MCu has been popular and widely used for the pump industry, especially on pump casing and pump impellers. This is because this steel, unlike other steels, does not pit and possesses better stress and cracking resistance.

These are the features CD4MCu Stainless Steel that makes it the most suitable steel for water pumps:

  • Heavy duty
  • Advanced maintenance features
  • Corrosion and Abrasion Resistant
  • Higher-strength compared to other steels
  • Ductile and weldable
  • Durable

CD4MCu Stainless Steel for Corrosive Applications

When it comes to corrosive applications, CD4MCu Stainless Steel can handle the product to be pumped very well. Aside from water, CD4MCu Stainless Steel has the ability to pump corrosive liquids, including coatings, inks, paints, waste oils, magnetic oxide tape coatings, and titanium dioxide.

Pumping of corrosive liquids using this type of stainless steel should also be done together with the ideal gravity and PH level, GPM, pump type and speed to make the pumping continuous and stable. Considering all of these factors will definitely extend the pump life.

Seoca Pump on being an Industrial Pump Expert

Seoca Pump offers a wide range of pumps all around the globe and has been serving the water industry for over 50 years now. Over the past few years, we make sure that we are on top of the latest updates on the International standards in producing the most highly efficient and satisfactory products and pump models.

In line with this, we are only using the highest grade material and stainless steels on all our products to make sure we deliver the utmost quality on each of the pieces we introduce to the market.

Aside from quality pump models, it is our pride to have our highly professional and skilled engineers who know and understand each of every pump we introduce to the market. We guarantee that they are knowledgeable on all areas up until the spare parts, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

Over the years, we cater to the needs of various companies, including hotels, oil depots, airports, thermal power plants, railway stations, petrochemical plants, transportation tunnels, and large warehouses for industrial and mining enterprises.

We aim to provide support and quality pump models made of the best quality materials up until the coming years!

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