• Seoca: Keep improving our pumps efficiency

    With tremendous experience in water field, Seoca is one of top professional pump suppliers for firefighting and irrigation water pump. With own developed facilities and the latest technology under high-quality control, we are proud to supply pumping products all over the world more than 60 countries. Seoca pump pleasure on providing highest level service and expertise in solutions of the industrial pumping system to the customers. Over 50 years, we cultivate engineering teams who are having a complete knowledge of industrial water pumps like submersible ...

  • Submersible vortex impeller pump

    Submersible vortex impeller pump

  • Submersible screw impeller pump

    SPQ series submersible/dry screw pump are designed for economical and reliable pumping of sewage water from commercial, communal and industrial sources. Mainly can be used in municipal engineering, sewage treatment environmental protection engineering, industrial engineering, hotel, hospital, civil air defense, mining and other industries, can be used for delivery of solid particles and long fiber wastewater, wastewater, storm water and city living water, and even can be used for in vivo delivery. Used in conjunction with the automatic coupling system the below ground level ...

  • NFPA20 split case fire pump and end suction fire pump

      PLease see recent update for diesel engine pump set. Pumps and diesel engine meet NFPA20 requirement, certify model setting available on request. Please email for your enquiry.

  • NFPA20 standard diesel engine pump sets

    Please take a look at our diesel engine pump sets, they are with robust designed and the advanced system after many experiments with team of technical professions.  

  • Our brand new series of diesel engine for fire fighting

    NFPA20 pump set