AS Series High Efficiency Single-Stage Double Suction Split Case Pump

AS type pump is a single-stage double suction horizontal split centrifugal water pump.

It is used totransport pure water and the liquid which physical and chemical nature is similar with water the maximum temperature isn’t more than 80 ℃.

This series of pump is suitable for water supply and drainage in factories, mines and cities, power station, drainage and irrigation of farming, and kinds of hydraulic projects.

S, SH Series Horizontal Split Case Diesel Centrifugal Water Pump is an axial opening of single-stage double-suction volute centrifugal pump, horizontal installation, driver (electric motor or the internal combustion engine) can be set in the left or right side of the pump (that is, export-oriented, driving counterclockwise on the left, on the right side for clockwise rotation).


  • Power industries
  • Cooling water
  • Water supply/distribution
  • Fire protection
  • Metal manufacturing
  • Irrigation
  • General industrial services


  • Capacity: Q up to 110000 USGPM (25000 m3/h)
  • Head: H up to 820 feet (250 m)
  • Temperature: T up to 200°F (105°C)
  • Speed: n 2980/1480/980/740/590/490 rpm
  • Max working pressure: 4 MPa


  • Casing: Cast iron/Ductile cast iron/Cast steel
  • Impeller: Cast iron/Stainless steel/Cast steel/Bronze
  • Shaft: Stainless steel
  • Wear ring: Stainless steel/Bronze

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