An Efficient Solution for Various Applications– Multistage Pump

What is a Multistage Pump? A multistage pump is a type of centrifugal pump that pressurizes the fluid in multiple stages (two or more stages). Because this pump uses more than one stage, therefore, it is known as a multistage pump.

Seoca’s multistage pump is a versatile and reliable device widely utilized in numerous industries and applications. Its ability to deliver high pressure and flow rates effectively makes it an ideal choice for industrial zones, water supply companies, liquid pressurization systems, firefighting pipe networks, high-rise buildings, and heat, ventilation, air conditioning, circulation, and cooling systems.

Performance Parameters:

Maximum Flow: 240m3/h

Maximum Head: 320m

Suction Range: DN32-200

Discharge Range: DN25-150

Its customizable performance, adjustable direction, and versatile material combinations make it a preferred choice for industries seeking reliable and high-pressure pumping systems. Whether it is supplying water, pressurizing liquid, or maintaining optimal climate control, the SEOCA multistage pump excels in delivering exceptional performance and meeting the demands of modern industrial processes.

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