Seoca Pump prides itself in offering customers the highest level of expertise and service in industrial pumping system solutions.

Being in the water industry for over 50 years, our experienced engineering teams have a thorough understanding of water pumps not limited to multistage centrifugal pump, vertical turbine pump, split case pump, fire end suction pump, fire split case pump, fire vertical turbine pump and customised submersible sewage pump.

The efficiency and selection of our pump models have continuously evolved in order to comply with the latest updates of international standards. In pursuit of the highest satisfaction in our valued customers, Seoca takes pride in maintaining a strong industry presence locally and globally. Our team readily provides our business partners with a range of services ranging from appropriate selection of effective and efficient pumps, advisory of after-sales commissioning and provision of spare parts and accessories for maintenance.

If you desire for professional support and advisory on pumps that qualify for the highest level of international standards, we look forward to meet you.

At Seoca Pump, we pump water from our heart.