Variable Speed Swimming Pool Pump WPM

Insulation: Class F

Protection: IP55

Max Suction: 2.5m



  • On the operation panel equipped with speed display, three speed button: High(1) / Mid(2) / Low(3), speed set button: SET, stop button: 0, power and error light.
  • Input power, power light flicker. The pump will run with high speed when pushing any speed button. After running 5 minutes, the speed can be change among high speed, middle speed and low speed.
  • The standard speed of the pump:
    • High speed(1): 2850rpm
    • Middle speed(2): 2400rpm
    • Low speed(3): 1200rpm.
      Also the pump can be set any speed from 1000rpm to 2850rpm.



  • Easy to operate and use
  • Low temperature arise, low noise
  • Small size, long life


Working conditions

  • Medium temperature: +5°C ~ +50°C
  • Environmental temperature: ≤ 50°C
  • Max. Working pressure: 0.3Mpa


Technical parameter list

Model Speed
V/Hz Power(P1)
Fitting Size Packing Size
WPM50 2850 330 12 220/50 0.65 2.9 48.5 or 50 560×275×390 483
2400 275 8.5 0.42 1.8
1200 120 2.1 0.08 0.6
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