Seoca: Keep improving our pumps efficiency

With tremendous experience in water field needed for a pumping system, Seoca is one of top professional pump supplier for fire fighting water pump and NFPA20 fire pumping system. Filled with advanced facilities and the latest technology under high-quality control, we are proud to supply pumping products all over the world. The industrial pumps and fire fighting of Seoca is widely used for industrial, communal and commercial sources.


Seoca pump pleasure on providing highest level service and expertise in solutions of the industrial pumping system to the customers. Over 50 years, we cultivate engineering teams who are having a complete knowledge of industrial water pumps like submersible sewage pumps, split case pumps, vertical turbine pump and multistage centrifugal pump and many more. This will assist our clients with an efficient and effective selection of pump by the advice of sales commissioning. We also supply pump accessories and spare parts. Some pump accessories includes vibration controller, Spherical tank, pressure controller, float switch, frequency converter, foot valves and accessory fire fighting.

All these pumps from Seoca are made of a high-quality material. If you want to buy split case pump, you need to know about the specifications of the pump and it is vital to know the quality the supplier provide to you. In Seoca, we made our pumps with excellent quality.


The main purpose of the split case pump is highly required for the industrial services, Irrigation, Metal manufacturing, Fire production, Water distribution/supply and cooling water. Depends on customer requirement, we can design using duplex stainless steel, cast iron, Bronze, Stainless steel material.

In Seoca, we can provide the quality guarantee of pumps and keep Improving Pump Efficiency. Are you seeking for a reliable industrial pump and NFPA20 fire pump set supplier? If yes, Seoca is offering you at the high standard of fire pumps and industrial pumps at affordable price. We ensure our customers can order the spare parts of Pump ,Impeller and other parts  lifetime.

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